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Superman Returns

Hi, thanks for visiting my film and DVD releases date site. If you want to know when a movie is releasing in the theaters or on DVD or Blu-ray, this is the site to check. Read my mini reviews, my best and worst page and my blog to see which movies I have seen. I compare domestic (U.S.) box office to film budgets and list MPAA ratings. Please join my MPAA ratings discussion here. I have compiled some film guides: film franchises, comic book adaptations, and James Bond. I've added a streaming services guide, so you can compare costs and content.

Please visit my DVD, Blu-ray, film & TV magazine sale items at my filmdvdreleases store at

Here's the link for my streaming services guide for movie and TV fans.

If you have any questions or are interested in my site, please e-mail me at This site was last updated on 11/16/2022 03:33 PM and now has over 620,000 views. I would like to say thanks to my readers who made this possible. Enjoy, Mike.

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Last update on 11/16/2022 03:33 PM

I am giving up my site for now because of rising costs in my life, thanks to all my readers, Mike.


By the way, I love my Stupid Car Tray, and bought another for my wife. So if anyone is interested, please click here for 10 percent off or at this link and go to the site and order at least one.

My favorite TV show, Smallville, ran 10 seasons.  For more info check out my Smallville episode guide.

Here's another link for my streaming services guide for movie and TV fans.